The YORK inside

A trusted name in the spectrum of International Education Counseling in Nepal, YIEC is a Nepal Government-registered company and is fully trained and authorized by Ministry of Education to operate. A pioneer in edu-consulting pasture in Nepal, York represents an enviable number of TOP-RANKING and globally acclaimed Universities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. York has also remained a member of ECAN since 2005.

We comprise an enthusiastic team of accomplished professionals who are not just highly qualified, trained and experienced but also command an extensive network of people from all walks of life. As a matter of fact, we are truly boastful of our public relations, which we proudly say has played a massive role in our success over the years.

A glance at how York operates

“Listen, understand, and respond” is our basic modus operandi. We basically believe that it is not for us to impose our ideas on our clients. Our primary concern is to be sensitive to every single concern that you may have. We aim at enabling you to reach a decision based on your personal circumstances, needs and requirements.

We love to customize our services because we appreciate the fact that your needs may differ from those of your friends. Our work environment is very transparent and highly client-friendly. For example, you needn’t wait for days to have an appointment with the Senior Counselor or Managing Director. We believe in direct access. We proudly harbor a culture of respect and trust, and we absolutely refrain from any sort of discriminatory practice.

Educational Counseling

YORK is well–known for its counseling. For students/parents who visit us for the first time, we invariably offer useful tips which have often changed lives. This means, in short, that prospective clients are free to explore other options too. We also offer online counseling services. Our visa guidance is more than effective. In particular, we are extremely careful about your budgeting.

The consultancy you need

We also offer you very useful and practicable tips on your Work-Study Options while staying on a student visa in your chosen country.

The counselors at York are very adept at analyzing your course choice. They advise you whether the course you wish to undertake is the right one in view of your academic background and your future academic/career plans. Finally, they talk to you about the course options that you have and help you to choose the one that best fits your plans.
Choice of university is a very important decision. The counselors at York give you information in detail about at least 4 institutions that should be appropriate for you with respect to your academic grades, your course preference, your financial circumstances, and a number of other important factors that have to be taken into account. Our counselors then offer you guidance on how you should collect all documents required, complete Application Form, and write essays and Statement of Intent in support of your application.
One crucial reason why visa success rate is outstandingly high among York students lies in the experience, skills, and devotion of our counselors who pay utmost attention to every single case and ensure that all documentations requirements are duly met. Our counselors are true experts in visa application documentation. We make a minute analysis of every single document to make sure that everything is rightly done and dealt with.
As a matter of fact, York has outstanding records of assisting students in getting a variety of scholarships. However, please note that you must first have good grades to have access to most scholarships and/or financial aids that universities provide.
Our team shall assist students in guiding them to get best deals, right connectivity and the right airline depending on their finances. All international students need to have medical insurance. Some students also take travel insurance.
We have a strong student network and bond with our satisfied old students. Our counselor shall connect you to other students. All students are given check lists and guidance on what to carry and details of the country they are going to, guidance on part time work and other rules and regulations. An informative pre-departure seminar is conducted in select cities by our director Mr Mahendra Maharjan. Students unable to attend the pre-departure orientation are given online guidance for the same.

All you have to do is to give us a call at +977-1-4212227, 4268263 or drop into our office and together we will find the best International education opportunities for you.