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YIEC is a trusted name in the spectrum of International Education Counseling in Nepal and overseas. YIEC is a Nepal Government-registered company authorised by the Ministry of Education.  YIEC is a pioneer in the edu-consulting sector of Nepal and represents TOP-RANKING and globally acclaimed Universities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.  YIEC has been a member of ECAN since 2005. We comprise an enthusiastic team of accomplished professionals who are not just highly qualified, trained and experienced, but also communicate with an extensive network of dedicated individuals from all walks of life. We are proud of our public relations, which we proudly acknowledge still contributes to our success over the years.    


Educational Counseling

  1. Course Selection

    The counsellors at York are experiences in analysing all course choice. They advise you whether a course is the right one given your academic background and your future academic/career plans. Finally, they will discuss your course options and help you choose the one that best fits you.

  2. Application for Admission to universities/ colleges

    Your choice of a university is a critical so, the York counsellor will give you detailed information of at least four institutions to match your academic grades, your course preference, financial circumstances, and related factors. Your counsellor will offer you guidance on how to collate and prepare the necessary documentation. You will be guided through the required processes to correctly complete applications, and write essays and your Statement of Intent.

  3. Visa Application Assistance

    One crucial reason why the visa success rate is outstandingly high among York students lies in the experience, skills, knowledge and devotion of our counsellors who focus attentively on each application to ensure that all documentation requirements are met. Our counsellors are experts in visa application documentation.

  4. Scholarships

    York has an outstanding record of assisting students in getting a variety of scholarships for individuals with good grades -universities offer financial assistance.

  5. Travel Guidance

    Our team guides student applicants to reach out for the best deals, the appropriate airline and provide information about the necessity of medical and travel insurance.

  6. Pre Departure Assistance

    We have an active student network and bond with past students. Our counsellor will connect you to other students, and you will receive checklists and guidance on what to carry and details of your destination. Our Director, Mr Mahendra Maharjan will attend the pre-departure orientation guidance programme with you.


University Updates

Australian Institute of Higher Education

20 July

Meet Stefan Hofmann for Spot Assessment. Study in AIH Sydney, Australia. Date : 09th August, 2018 Time : 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm Venue :...

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